New Stand Up DVD Out Now

  • By Chris Billett
  • On 28 Nov | '2016

Christmas is very nearly here and all your Christmas wishes have come true, that is right, I have a new stand up DVD. If you came to see “What Do I Do Now…” on and enjoyed it why not buy it for a friend, if you didn’t enjoy the show then why not buy it for someone you don’t like? It is available to purchase here.

Also, the sitcom ‘Josh’ is also available on DVD (What a Christmas!), series 1 here and series 2 here.

Merry Christmas!


  • By Chris Billett
  • On 4 Nov | '2016

I am delighted that the BBC has given me another opportunity to humiliate myself for six thirty minute episodes. We absolutely loved every moment of creating the second series and are so proud that so many people enjoyed it. My only hope for series three is the British public get to enjoy Elis James’s wonderful torso again.

Josh season one is out on DVD

  • By Chris Billett
  • On 21 Oct | '2016

The BBC sitcom Josh is now available on DVD, with season one already on the shelves, and season two coming on October 31st.

Get your season one here now, and pre-order season two here.

Don’t forget you can catch the current season on iPlayer here.

It will be available from 10am every Thursday (from September 22nd) on iPlayer and then repeated on BBC One at some point soon after that. We are so proud of it, it feels like a real step up from the first series and we can’t wait for everyone to see it.

Also, if you would like to get series on DVD then you can buy it here.

That is all!

The Last Leg…

  • By Chris Billett
  • On 31 May | '2016

… is back, and in Rio! Daily at 10pm, Channel 4, throughout the Paralympics.

To catch up on past episodes on All 4, check here.

I am back on the road!

  • By Josh Widdicombe
  • On 15 Apr | '2016

I only did my last gig of the Autumn 2015 tour last Sunday (don’t ask) and now I am back. My autumn 2016 leg of the same tour is now on sale. I will be going to lots of places that I didn’t go to last time, you can see them all by clicking here. Also, there will be loads more added soon, so sign up to the mailing list.


  • By Chris Billett
  • On 13 Jan | '2016

On Sunday I fulfil my lifelong ambition by appearing on Countryfile, it really is all downhill from here.

It airs at 6:30pm, or you can watch it on iPlayer afterwards here.

Insert Name Here

  • By Josh Widdicombe
  • On 26 Nov | '2015

I am part of a new panel show for BBC2 called Insert Name Here. It will be hosted by Sue Perkins and the team captains are Richard Osman and myself. What we’re talking about here is a kind of history/trivia style thing based around various people who share a name each week. Writing this after filming the first two episodes that were brilliant fun, you can watch it on iPlayer here.

New sitcom ‘Josh’ starting on BBC Three

  • By Josh Widdicombe
  • On 9 Nov | '2015

My new sitcom ‘Josh’ begins on BBC Three at 10.30pm on Wednesday 11th November. It was co-written with Tom Craine and stars Elis James, Beattie Edmondson and Jack Dee, as well as myself. Other episodes to come also feature brilliant people like Jennifer Saunders, Romesh Ranganathan and James Acaster. It will be getting a repeat on Friday nights after Graham Norton on BBC One from next week. I am equal parts proud, nervous and excited about the whole charade.

‘What Do I Do Now…’ tour continues

  • By Josh Widdicombe
  • On 9 Nov | '2015

My current tour ‘What Do I Do Now…’ continues until just before Christmas. If we are coming to a town near you there may be tickets (or there may not, some have sold out). You can check that here and if none of those dates appeal to you then there will be another leg of dates in 2016. To find out about that before everyone else sign up to the mailing list here.