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For a couple of years I presented a radio show on the now rebranded radio station XFM (RIP…), it was available as a semi-popular podcast and it still is. If you would like to relive the heady days of January 2013-August 2015 via the medium of strange texts from listeners and anecdotes from James Acaster then you can here.

I am proud to be one of the two current presents of the legendary sports radio show Fighting Talk on Radio 5Live. This was a great show before I arrived and the format is strong enough that I am yet to stop that. You can download the podcast here.

Here is an interview I did hungover for the excellent podcast Comedian’s Comedian a couple of years ago:


In 2013 I released a DVD of my stand up. I am still really pleased with the show, although in the cold light of day I am now questioning the shirt I decided to wear.

It is still available to buy on Amazon here.

You may know me from the semi-disabled, kind of topical Channel 4 show The Last Leg. Here’s a clip from it – Stephen Merchant hates touring with me

Here’s another clip – our tax dodgers’ rant.

Perhaps the greatest moment of my career was being slammed by Mark Ruffalo on The Graham Norton Show.

A moment of insanity on Taskmaster.

Just in case

Finally, if you didn’t enjoy any of that, as a treat here is my favourite YouTube video… Michael Owen pretending to be in a helicopter: